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Comprehensive Healthcare: You and GHC Ltd

Key features of a comprehensive healthcare includes use of :

  • Evidence based practice that includes state-of-the-art medical diagnosis and treatment
  • A robust services for patients and families including education, , advocacy, and other special programs to help improve the quality of life of patients and their families
  • Timely patient referall to appriopriate expert to be involved.
  • Organized efforts to help patients cope with treatment, tests and procedures
  • Advocacy programs to help with families’ financial concerns about treatment and related costs
  • Ongoing research that looks at and evaluates the results of all treatments and services

How do we define comprehensive healthcare in GHC Ltd:

Comprehensive healthcare is a means of giving dream and helping an individual to achieve their dream life beyond health need. Therefore, to achieve this goal we tap into resources in academia, healthcare and technology industries to help our client to achieve their health goal and beyond.

In GHC Ltd, we therefore harmonize:

  • Group of experienced healthcare professionals
  • Latest clinical evidence and products
  • Education and advocacy
  • Patient centered value
  • creativity
  • and respect for individual and culture to deliver comprehensive healthcare

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